Interracial cupid app privacy policy

   The privacy policy below explains in detail how people and anyone using InterracialCupid will have their information protected and how this site/website intends to use the information provided. InterracialCupid is very committed when it comes to protecting the data and privacy of its users.

   Once users agree to use this site, they are agreeing to the privacy policy below which is subject to change or update at any time without notice. Users are advised to check the privacy policy as well as the terms of use from time to time to make sure they understand everything perfectly.

What is collected

●During the registration process, any information that a user puts is collected

●This information included location, age, email address and name

●Further information might be collected when a user interacts with the website even more like the browsing and messaging feature

How is the information used once collected

Data that is collected when a person uses this website can be used in the following ways

●Provide them with the best possible experience that caters to their needs

●Help the developers of the app to make changes and improve its functionality

●Provide customers with top quality customer service if they have any queries

●Process any membership transactions or any other in-app/site purchases

●Send emails from time to time regarding any news, promos, changes, new features and more to do with the app.

Ensuring information is protected

InterracialCupid has robust security measures in place to ensure data of user members is secure. An incredible encryption system prevents third parties or hackers from gaining access to any personal information of users. InterracialCupid will not at any point share, distribute and transfer user information to third parties without their consent

Other links on the platform

InterracialCupid may be seen on this website and they are there to provide information which is seen as useful to the members on the site. These links will direct you out of the InterracialCupid platform and will not be responsible for your security once third party websites are accessed.

Controlling your information

User personal information is shared within InterracialCupid and those who want to put a stop on information or data being collected and shared can do the following

●Select the “Do Not Share” box when signing up to the site app

●Contacting customer services to request that your agreement to share information be terminated

●Edit your profile setting on the MY PROFILE section or OPTIONS screen

●Request aby incomplete or inaccurate information to be updated by contacting customer service